143It’s finally time to get out those cute warm winter clothes! Everyone is wearing their thick jackets and wrapping up in their comfy scarfs. It’s appropriate because the wind is passing up chilly and the leaves are changing readying for the cold winter coming! It’s a great time to go out for a stroll in the park and see all the beautiful leaves falling, painting the air and the ground with a mix of vibrant and warm fall colors.

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3001A Year in TOKYO.

This is a a collection of photos of all the months of a year in Tokyo. I can only hope that I have been able to somewhat represent the beauty of all the holidays and seasons here in Japan. Please enjoy them and sometime if you get the chance, come see the real Tokyo for yourself! Thank you very much for viewing!
*Special thanks to my good friend Sally for being my beautiful model and Estell Grissom for the translation to make my project more interesting.


モデル:Sally 翻訳:Estell Grissom